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John B, Formby

As a recently diagnosed diabetic who has had a hip replacement I wished to be able to continue an active life. My feet proved a major difficulty. Cutting my own nails became difficult and led to blood release that was not needed. I approached Scott to discuss the difficulties. He proved to be positive in his approach and has offered a professional care and service of the last two years. My feet sometimes need a great deal of care (I walk a great deal and enjoy this now without difficulties). The nail that was lost forty years ago is no longer painful.

Scott needed to trim nails, apply creams and remove unwanted skin all with a minimum of fuss and an easy manner and careful explanation. The use of gyms and Swimming pools leave you open to verrucas; this was spotted early and allowed quick and effective treatment.

I have no hesitation to recommend Scott. His gentle manner and professional approach have allowed me to feel secure with the future.

P Evans, Churchtown

I would like to express my unreserved praise and thanks to Scott White for his professional, diligent and caring treatment of my Mother's feet over the last few years. His care has maintained her complicated foot problems under control giving her a happier and overall healthier state of being. Not only do I wish to praise his proficiency as podiatrist, but also his pastoral care, his treatments always produce a beneficial effect on mind and feet. Long may we have the pleasure of his company.

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